Your Altona Experts for Drain Inspections and Other Plumbing Services

We’re raising the bar for service providers in Altona, providing 24-hour service and the best quality work on any messy gas or drainage. Simoes Plumbing & Maintenance are proud to demonstrate our commitment to quality whenever you need us, with our team of veteran technicians constantly on call to deal with plumbing emergencies as they arise. With experience in a broad range of jobs, we are ready to tackle whatever job needs doing, in the home or at the workplace – you can trust that when you call in Simoes, the job will get done.

This includes drain inspections and repairs. We provide the Altona area with an efficient drainage repair solution that ensures your system is clear and working effectively.

We’re always at the ready

We work hard to make sure we’re always available, and that we handle each job as quickly and completely as possible. Leaving many gas or plumbing issues alone can be extremely damaging to your home or even dangerous to your safety, so it’s in your best interest to bring Simoes Plumbing & Maintenance in immediately so the consequences are kept to a minimum. For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than the looks on our customers’ faces when we hand their home back to them, safe, sound, clean, and liveable. Be the next satisfied customer; call on Simoes when you need assistance with plumbing or gas.

We’re the solution for drainage repairs and tricky household problems

Simoes Plumbing & Maintenance employs only certified professionals, experts who have the experience to deal with a variety of common and uncommon problems. We offer the best professional solution we can to residents of Altona, because many plumbing and gas problems can be difficult and dangerous to try and approach without training. Don’t put yourself to that effort and risk – just call us and we can sort out your problem, whether that be a faulty gas hot water service, a burst pipe tangled in tree roots underground or a 2nd floor bathroom flooding through the building. The team at Simoes  are ready and waiting for your call – don’t think twice when disaster strikes.

Call us today for the hardest-working plumbers in Altona

You can reach Simoes Plumbing & Maintenance for emergency help at any time by calling 0423 698 884. If you need to make a more detailed enquiry, we also have an online contact form for your convenience.

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